“Ngusutexaalfingunun zeho nenovungis mesinbetzekin.
Suntafangungnun zeho Betzekis Velamin mesepoz nenanektwa
Pa yonginrebatwangungin
Pa fezanafangungnun ongirehok baikinorin
Ploziptafeho mesinongirinlequarqua.”

[The sea-maids’ house is yonder always residing.
Wellamo maids there frequent inside their rooms-by-the-sea
And in their watery caves
And rest always on the rainbow-colored-rocks
On the prominence of the sea-cliffs]

“Yonder is the home of sea-maids,
There the maidens of Wellamo,
Live there in their sea-side chambers,
Rest within their water-caverns,
On the rocks of rainbow colors,
On the juttings of the sea-cliffs.”

(Wainomenon’s Lament)
Kalevala (Kalevala)


[A man’s own land becomes always most dear
A man’s own food tastes always most sweet
A man’s own home shows always the most beauty]

“One’s own country is the dearest
One’s own table is the sweetest
One’s own home, the most attractive.”